Reading Corner

I love reading. Started to read seriously when i was in class three(9 yearsrs old). In primary schools in Kenya, classes start with the Teacher reading the Register of the present pupils(am not sure if this still happens). I remember getting in trouble one morning when the teacher had to read out my name four times because I was so engrossed in an animal story book 🙂

I do not have a specific genre which I read. As long as the subject is interesting, entertaining, educative and captures my attention, I will read it. From fiction to biographies to poetry.

I have to confess when it comes to the medium, am still stuck on print format. I love turning the pages. I am trying to adjust with technology by reading e-books and listening to audio books but it will take some time. Very few people pay attention to you when you sit on a bench in the city center and leaf through your book, but if you took out your Ipad in my part of the world on the same bench, there will definitely be interested characters willing to ‘keep it safe’ for you.


There are those books we purchase that leave a huge impact on us and from time to time, we find ourselves going back to revisit them.

For me, it has been a book i bought in June 2011(when i buy a book or am gifted one, i write the month and year on the first page), Beyond the Ordinary: The Spiritual Journey of a missionary by Fr.Selvam G.Sahaya, my former lecturer. He reminiscences  spiritual journey in East Africa through a collection of reflections and stories.

Below is an except of my favorite ‘poem’. It always seems to speak to me.

“When I get annoyed with disorder,disorder with myself and in others,disorder with the environment,
I know well that my annoyance only brings more disorder
And some disorders cannot really be ordered. Then  I catch myself saying “Let It Be!
Miracle! Disorder alchemizes itself into order,particularly in my own self.”



Big Smile for you :-)

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