Heaven doesnt exist?? World ending! Really???

This week has revealed has pretty interesting news. First there was the  interview by  The Guardian  with Prof. Stephen W. Hawking a  theoretical physicist and cosmologist. According to him there is no heaven. Its  “a fairy story for people afraid of the dark” He compares the brain with a computer which will just shut down when it fails to perform any more. This statement brought a heated discussion on Tuesday 17, May 2011 on the daily BBC Service program, World Have Your Say. People responded with varied views, some in agreement and others in contradiction. What I found most surprising was the shift from being ‘religious’ to science that is going on in the world, especially in the ‘developed states’. Why is there such a need to want to explain everything that happens around us? Why cant we things as they are?The belief in God or a ‘supernatural being’ seems to be under attack.

The second thing that took my interest  is the prediction by Harold Egbert Camping, that the  Rapture  will take place on May 21, 2011 and God will destroy the world in six months on October 21. He came up with these date and year using a mathematical conclusion. I find this unbelievable. Again why some people are trying to explain things that are beyond human understanding is a complete waste of time and resources. On one of our major roads in Nairobi and also in Malawi and USA,  there are billboards warning people of this occurrence.  What  we are  meant to do with this information is beyond me. If all your life you’ve been living a questionable life, what is it that you will do to save yourself? If you are a billionaire, will you now go to a starving nation and feed all the dying children?  Will you start being nice to your neighbor and polite to all those whom you pass on the streets? Do remember that Stephen Hawking view that there is no heaven.  So where will you be preparing to go to?

Let us live our lives to the fullest with the fear of God. Whether we leave this earth through a car accident, a bomb blast by some crazy lunatic, illness or just don’t wake up in the morning after a peaceful night is not for us to know.

Stay in peace !!!

The main source of light in the Uganda Martyrs Shrine. The shrine is dedicated to the twenty two of the Catholic Martyrs were canonized by Pope Paul VI on October 18, 1964 and are regarded as Saints in the Catholic Church. It is a historic site and people from all over the world visit it every ear. It stands on the same spot where Charles Lwanga was burnt alive. Jesus spoke to them saying, "I am the light of the world." John 8:12